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Our consulting service is designed to help you make better decisions and solutions for the issues concerning with architecture, construction and interior design of your apartment or house. Set up an appointment or get in touch with a qualified architect or designer and make your ideas into reality with us. No matter how complex your project, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the flexible answers. Consulting for us is more than giving advise. We look forward to helping you increase the likelihood of success in your upcoming project.



Being an Architectural Studio we are planning for projects of various types and sizes. Whether you are looking for an architect that works on commercial buildings, offices, retail stores, residential buildings, designs or anything in-between, our Studio is the expert for you. Headed by a lead architect, a project’s planning phase considers the entire picture through detailed work. The process involves examining the design and style of the building, surrounding infrastructure, local government requirements, and so on. It also includes determining the purpose of the structure, goals of the project, and other essential elements. The whole team works together to create a cohesive project that fits our client’s standards.

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Esqiz Architectural & Design Studio offers a variety of  home and office related interior design services. Each project is unique and whether you need a simple hourly design or an intensive project, we look forward to any challenges the project may present.  Design services are provided according to your needs, so you have options to fit your timing and budget. We can transform any space to look fabulous. A design process may include a series of steps followed by our designers. That includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the customers, construction management, and execution of the design. We are here to create a functional and attractive environment that is beneficial to your quality of life. Well-designed environment is a key to harmony and comfort. You can achieve that effect in your own place with our professional support.

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Planning to repair apartments, open a hair salon or wants to have own private residence, but don’t know how to start? Fill up this contact form and get free sketches of your own project by our professional team. We wants to know our clients needs and preferences through our website. This form contains fields that ask for the client’s personal information, project details and list of services provided by us. Need some consultation? Choose the service you need, complete the form and click Send button and an operative response will not wait. Using this easy and convenient method our customers are allowed to request a personal sketches of their own ideas and requirements. This unprecedented interactive method is aimed at obtaining the most relevant details of a potential client’s projects to pre-screen them before construction or design.

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